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Cricket | Definition of Cricket by Merriam-Webster

Cricket definition is - any of a family (Gryllidae) of leaping orthopteran insects noted for the chirping notes produced by the male by rubbing together specially modified parts of the forewings. How to use cricket in a sentence.

Cricket Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Cricket definition, any of several jumping, orthopterous insects of the family Gryllidae, characterized by long antennae and stridulating organs on the forewings of the male, as one of the species commonly found in pastures and meadows (field cricket ) or on trees and shrubs (tree cricket ). See more.

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Cricket Dictionary SMART Guide is a comprehensive gateway for all cricket lovers around the world. The app will introduce you to the game of cricket. It has Categories, Search, Timeline and Quiz section.

CRICKET | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

cricket definition: 1. a sport in which two teams of eleven players try to score runs (= points) by hitting a small…. Learn more.

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Cricket is a widely played game and attracted wide range of people. And this game is known for its rich terminology. This app helps you to understand all the terms related to cricket. This app is...

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a match whose duration is based on a set amount of time rather than a set number of overs. Timed matches usually have a draw as a potential result, in addition to the win/loss or tie that can be...

Cricket - definition of cricket by The Free Dictionary

Define cricket. cricket synonyms, cricket pronunciation, cricket translation, English dictionary definition of cricket. n. Any of various orthopteran insects of the family Gryllidae, having long antennae and legs adapted for leaping.

A glossary of Cricketing terms - The Cricket Dictionary

A glossary of Cricketing terms - The Cricket Dictionary: Cricket, more than most sports, is full of expressions and terms designed to bewilder the newcomer.