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Magnus Effect. The Magnus effect is why soccer players can bend a soccer ball into the goal around a 5-person wall and why baseball pitchers can throw a breaking ball pitch. A spinning object in motion exerts a net force on the air, which according to Newton's 3rd law exerts an equal and opposite force back on the moving and spinning object, altering its trajectory.

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The Physics Of Soccer – The Magnus Effect. When a soccer player kicks a ball off-center it causes the ball to spin. The direction and speed of the spin will determine how much the ball curves during flight. It's the same principle as a curve ball in baseball.

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How do soccer players (or football players internationally) bend the ball in the air? Physics! It’s specifically called The Magnus Effect, “the commonly observed effect in which a spinning ball (or cylinder) curves away from its principal flight path.”.

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From here two important physics concepts come into play, Bernoulli's principle and the "Magnus effect ". Bernoulli's principle states that as the velocity of a fluid (air) increases, the pressure exerted by that fluid (air) decreases. As the ball moves forward, air flows by it on all sides.

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Ever seen a ball curve or bend in the air during a soccer game and wondered what exactly makes it curve?Find Kyle at: http://twitter.com/kylekitzmillerInstag...

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The Magnus effect, named for the first physicists to experimentally explore the phenomenon, explains how projectiles can curve when moving through a fluid (like air). Whenever a ball is spinning through the air, the Magnus "force" will push it in a direction perpendicular to the direction of movement.

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"The fact is that the Magnus Effect can change sign," Bush says. "People don't generally appreciate that fact." Given an absolutely smooth ball, the direction of the curve may reverse: The same ...

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Magnus effect we envision a scenario where the rotation of the ball confines the Magnus force to the vertical plane; gravity, drag force and the Magnus force make a trio-planar system. We inves-