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Any player that isn’t particularly good at poker may be considered a fish, but use this term with caution. Fishiness is relative; everyone makes mistakes in poker, even the great players. As they say, if you’re the ninth-best poker player in the world, but you’re sitting at the same table as the top eight, you’re the fish.

Poker Fish – Meaning, Common Mistakes & Top Strategies

A “fish” in poker terms is a player who consistently makes egregious mistakes, leading them to consistently lose in the games they play. These mistakes can include playing hands that should always be folded such as 72o, betting wildly too big or too small for their hand strength, or playing incredibly passively.

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Poker Fish | What is a Fish in Poker | partypoker. Fish are rather inexperienced poker players that one should be wary of. Find out more about the poker fish meaning and how to spot them at the table. You are currently on partypoker.com. Visit our New Jersey website hereto register and play for real money.

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These people are very aptly referred to as “poker fish” or even donkeys. But the former is a more commonly used. However, you can follow some poker tips to be able to deal with this problem. You could follow some poker strategies in order to beat the fish. Pay attention to details, like in case of hand selection. If you go through any author’s starting hand guide, you will know that you should always play from the early, middle and the late position.

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What does the term "fish" mean? If you play poker, you don't want to known as a "fish". A fish is a player that likely does not have very much experience and is prone to losing pots. A fish will consistently make questionable and ill-advised plays, and will likely see their bankrolls shrink quickly while playing at a table with some very good players.

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But fish are often willing to call 5, 6, even 9bb iso-raises. I recommend 6bb+1 per limper for greater value and to make it more likely you’ll get the fish to yourself. Mistake #2: Fish Defend Their Blinds Too Often. Feeling the need to fight for their blinds causes fish to play way too many hands out of position and with wide poker ranges. This is great for you!

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FISH only play their cards and the board. YOU think about ranges, future streets, stack sizes, player tendencies, etc. FISH let you know they like their hand when they bet or raise. YOU disguise the strength of your hand with variable bet sizes and switching between passive and aggressive play.