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Tennis Doubles: Return and Volley - YouTube

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15 Must-Know Tips For Perfect Tennis Doubles - Serve and ...

In doubles, it’s common to find both you and your opponent going volley-to-volley, or shot-for-shot, near the net. In these circumstances, I’ve found that when the ball bounces in front of me, it’s far more effective to hit the ball slowly with very good placement rather than try to blast it.

Doubles Serve and Volley Strategy - Essential Tennis

Home / Videos / Doubles Strategy / Doubles Serve and Volley Strategy If you want to become a high level doubles player then being comfortable with serve and volley tactics is absolutely crucial! Serve and volley doesn’t always work (nothing does!) but if you can’t execute it confidently and effectively when it’s needed then you’ll ...

Tennis Tip: Doubles Volley Targets - Tennis Tips

“Even at the highest level of college tennis, I continue to see doubles players make the same mistake over and over again with their volley when they are the server’s partner up at the net. The automatic response (regardless of whether it is a tough volley or easy volley) is to take the volley right at the diagonal opposing net player (returner’s partner).

Doubles: Angle Volleys - Essential Tennis

No absolutely not, with good enough hands it’s possible to land a volley on top of just about any point on the court from the service line, the difference is that it takes a whole lot more skill and precision to perform that type of touch volley as opposed to hitting directly at your target as you try to put the ball away.

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The key to serving and volleying | Tennis.com

Serving and volleying in doubles isn’t only about having a great serve—although it helps. Your primary goal should be to place your serve accurately and move into position quickly.

Doubles Tip: 1st Volley Practice - YouTube

One of the most important shots in doubles is the first volley when you come in after your serve.This shot however is very difficult to practice. When you pl...

7 Tips for Hitting a Clean Volley Every Time - Tennis 4 Beginners

The volley is a natural part of doubles tennis. Since one of the two players typically starts up at the net, doubles tennis incorporates the stroke quite a bit. Often times all four players involved will be up at the net simultaneously. It’s not surprising given this, that doubles players are typically some of the best volleyers in the game.