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Why 'Love' Means "Nothing" in Tennis | Merriam-Webster

Why 'Love' Means "Nothing" Scoring in Tennis. Love as a word for a score of zero has been used in the sport of tennis since the late 1800s. A False Theory. The first theory (like tennis' point system) doesn't add up; however, it is a popular one and it makes... True (r) Origins. The idea is that a ...

The 6 biggest reasons you love tennis - Tennis Canada

The 6 biggest reasons you love tennis 1. Friendship. The friendships you make playing tennis are strong. You’re bound to meet like-minded people seeking to... 2. Fitness. Tennis is good for the body. It’s a great cardio workout that builds all-over muscle tone, balance and... 3. Mental strength. ...

Love In Tennis | Learn What The Term Love Means In Tennis

What Does Love Mean in Tennis Scoring? Love in the tennis scoring system translates to a score of zero within a single game. For example, if you’re serving and you win the first point of a game, then the score would be 15-love. With that in mind, let’s do a quick review of how the score of love fits into a single game by outlining the point system quickly. Love: a score of zero

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Love In Tennis – Why Is It Called That Way? - Home | IPTL World

In tennis scores, people have noticed that both sides have no score or no points at the start of the games, love – love on the scoreboard. It is because the term love is considered as zero or nil in the game of tennis. A point against the opposing player brings you to 15. The next point is 30, and the third point is 40.

Why Do They Say Love Instead of 0 in Tennis? | Tennis Uni

More specifically, the phrase means that tennis was not played for money, but exclusively for the love of the game. 2. Game for the Honour. In the second case, the term could also have been derived from the Dutch word “lof”. It refers to “honour” on the tennis court.

Why Does ‘Love’ Mean ‘Zero’ in Tennis?

When a match starts, the score is zero-zero; in the tennis world, that’s called “love all.” There are a couple of theories on why. One is that the number zero has an oval shape, just like an egg. The French word for “egg” is “l’oeuf.” Say “l’oeuf” five times fast, and it starts to sound like “love.”

Tennis "Love" and the Love of Tennis - Dictionary.com

At the beginning of the game, when both sides have no score, the game is love-love because in tennis, love means having a score of zero or nil. One point brings a player to 15, two to 30; and three to 40. The next point wins the game, unless a complex series of tiebreakers comes into play, because in order to win a tennis match, a player must win by a margin of two.

Why Does 'Love' Mean 'Zero' in Tennis? | Mental Floss

While all tennis scoring is baffling, the most perplexing element is the use of “love” when a player hasn’t scored any points. Though one theory claims the term is a corruption of the French ...