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Volleyball Chants for Volleyball Teams

Here are some popular volleyball chants to pump up your team. s-i, s-i-d, s-i-d-e-o-u-t, sideout, (clap clap) (team name) after any point scoring play - Ahhhh sweet. after a loss of point - Ahhhh team. H-O-T-T-O-G-O (name of your team) is Hot to go!! Say what, what? Hot to go! Say what, what? Hot to go! Were fired up, were sizzlin

Volleyball Cheers & Chants (BEST, SHORT & FUNNY)

Volleyball cheers and chants, on the other hand, work a little differently for three reasons: Volleyball isn’t as popular as other sports; Not every school requires cheerleaders to attend games; Cheers and chants must be short due to the quick nature of the game where points and the time in-between points do not last very long

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Once your team gets the ball back: (clap, clap) (and you scream!!) We got our ball, (clap, clap) they want it back... (clap, clap) x2. GOOO (team name)!!!! Get up, Let's Go, You're Taking it too Slow. You got to see that (team name) spirit. Come on fans let's hear it. (team name) Crowd yells back: " (the team name)!!"

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To kick start the spirit of volleyball game among the spectators and the players, there requires some seasoning, and one of the best volleyball chants which sizzle the show: ‘3 is her number! (The team echoes) Audrey is her name! (The team echoes) She’s 1 reason! (The team echoes) We’re gonna win the game!!

Volleyball Chants

Volleyball Chants Bring Teams Together. Volleyball chants along with quotes and sayings are important for bringing teams and fans together creating a fun and exciting atmosphere. Chant #13. Using the boom, snap, clap: 1- you hit your chest and say bump. 2- you snap and say set. 3- you clap and say spike.

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Volleyball Cheers – For Blocking (followed by slamming your hands down to the floor.. or imitating a block.. and pronouncing..) “She said NO!!” "De-NIED!!" “RRROOOFFF!” "Shingle, Shingle, ROOF!" (all players get together in the middle, do the blocking motion, then make a really deep noise..) “Uhhhhh!” or “Nooooooo!” “You try to get

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The Block Party also chants “Let’s Go Boilers!” every time the team touches the ball. On the first touch, fans yell “Let’s”, on the second, “Go” and on the third, “Boilers!”

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Ace: Stomp stomp clap stomp stomp clap stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ACE Other team hits ball out: 1, 2, Seeya Your team calls ball out and it's out:G-double o-d-e-y-e Goodeye Goodeye Spike: 1, 2 kaboom-boom Block: Captian yells BRICK everyone else yells wall!

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