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volleyball positions on a team consist of 2 front row players and 2 back row players fact or bluff

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FACT OR BLUFF Volleyball positions on team consist of 2 front row players and 2 back row players. FACT BLUFF FACT OR BLUFF Volleyball became an Olympic sport in New York.

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Regarding the back row, this actually isn’t as important and honestly each coach sets this up slightly differently. Personally I like the middle player in the back row to be playing at position 5 (Back Left) and the outside player at position 6 (Middle Back). But your coach may line you up differently so just bare this in mind. Rotation 2

2005-2006 OHSBVA Rules and Regulations

ART. 2 . . . Front-row players may contact the ball from any position inside or outside the . court provided the ball has not completely crossed the vertical plane of the net or the net . extended. (See 9-5-7) ART. 3 . . . Back-row players, while positioned behind the attack line, may contact the ball

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When the receiving team has gained the right to serve, its players rotate one position clock-wise: the player in position 2 rotates to position 1 to serve, the player in position 1 rotates to position 6, etc. STRUCTURE OF PLAY: ROTATIONAL FAULT A rotational fault is committed when the SERVICE is not made according to the rotational order.

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Only front-row players are permitted to complete a block, but at the moment of the contact with the ball, a part of the body must be higher than the top of the net. See also a similar case (3.46) in the FIVB Casebook: After an attack the ball touched the head of a blocker, who reached with his hands over the net.


The players occupying positions 1 (back right), 2 (Front right), 3( Front centre), 4 (Front left), 5 (Back left), 6 (Back centre). Positional Fault:-2005,11 The players of a team commit a fault if they are not in their regulation position at the moment the ball is hit by the server.

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Relative positions between players: each back-row player must be positioned further back from the centre line than the corresponding front-row player; the front-row players and the ...

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The free playing space shall measure a minimum of 12.5 m in height from the playing surface. 1.2 PLAYING SURFACE 1.2.1 The surface must be flat, horizontal and uniform. It must not present any danger of injury to the players. It is forbidden to play on rough or slippery surfaces.

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